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The Science Behind Our Autonomous Robot Software

CognitiveFlow –  Interactive Virtualization and Visualization

Continuous Mission Optimization

Works across all robot types and models AGVs, AMRs, AIVs.

Optimizes at the work cell or factory floor

Analyzes layout for path and material flow optimization

Changes parameters real time to instantly analyze results

Adjust Key Parameters and Instantly Analyze Results in Real-Time


AGV Settings

Number of AGVs, Load capacities & Speed
Battery Impact (charge / discharge time)
Exchange AGV types

Deployment Settings

Path Constraints : Length, Width, Speed limits
Source / Sink Throughput
Cell processing time

Production Goals

% Utilization
Bottleneck metrics

CognitionFlow makes it extremely easy to model and optimized material flow scenarios in real-time.

Predictive AI Engine & Autonomous Fleet Manager

With or without robotics, Factories and Warehouses face unpredictable real-world circumstances and scenarios that stress operations and often require human intervention.

The CognitiveFlow Predictive AI Engine anticipates operational constraints and continuously optimizes missions across heterogeneous mobile robot fleet managers.

This proven technology was developed by leading AI scientists to achieve global system optimization while minimizing the need for human intervention when unforeseen circumstances occur in operations.
Advancements in autonomous navigation place new challenges on traditional AGV fleet management platforms. Developed by leading AI and Robotics scientists, CognitiveFlow’s AI prediction engine:

Compliments and enhances your existing fleet manager

Automatically adapts to unpredictable and dynamic material flow that is introduced with autonomous robots

Legacy systems require human intervention

CognitiveFlow predicts the optimal solution real time

Continuously optimizes the global fleet

Cyber-Physical Enterprise Architecture for Smart Factories & Smart Warehouses

CognitiveFlow is an open architecture, designed for Industry 4.0,  that can work seamlessly with existing technology stacks.

Classic Discrete Event Simulators
MES : Manufacturing Execution Systems
MOM : Manufacturing Operation Management
WMS : Warehouse Management System
WCS : Warehouse Control Systems
PLC Communication : SCADA, OPC-UA, DDS
AGV/AMR Fleet Managers
Cloud Communication : REST , MQTT

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